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We believe that maintaining the balance between art direction and commercial direction has lead us remain in the top position in our client mind for TV Commercial. The skill of realizing the vision of our client and our capability to make their imagination meet the reality have encouraged IMAGIMAX accumulated a solid track record in the domestic advertising market for the company CGI for TV Commercials.

From 2002 to 2004 Imagimax received many recognized industry awards from, among others, the Asian Television Technical & Creative Awards.

Through the year we worked, IMAGIMAX got a great chance to work for many good projects. We work closely with the directors to ensure our vision is matched with their imagination. Not only just work effectively with our client’s creative idea but also we augment our value added ideas into their work.

We stepped in creating CGI for Digital Game since year 2001 with a great chance to start working with a famous game studio. Our skill and experienced Animators are very conversant with the craft of using their state-of-art hardware and software. Among these are included One Piece, Tengai and The Xbox 2004 Game Award Winner for Best Art Direction & Best Action/Adventure Game “Ninja Gaiden”.

No matter how strange or complex the directors have in mind, IMAGIMAX always try the best to simplify those complexes and provide the best solution to support their imagination. The strong points of our animators’ artistic skill and their ability to balance the blending of compositing, lighting, texture and dimension in complexly constructed visual imagery. Not only serves our client the superb output of Visual Effect but also provide them on location production supervision as well. This is to ensure that the imagination, perception and creativity of visual effects we work with are effectively interpreted and delivered to the film productions. Therefore, no wonder why we are the leader in our client’s mind.

With the love of animation, IMAGIMAX not only concentrates on creating 3D Animation which mostly lean on computer technology but also IMAGIMAX utilizes the advantage of computer technology to create the traditional style of making animation in 2D.
Our 2D services cover from the first stage of storyboarding until the final stage of the production.

The most challenging thing in our Design Department is to do something simple cause simple has to be perfect. IMAGIMAX Design services covers a wide range of design service including Identity, Print Ads, Packaging, Books, Motion Graphic, Interactive and Website. Not just the conceptual planning, but the logistics, the content organization, even the production planning. This type of work requires so many different considerations and so to ensure the message behind those designs are interpreted effectively.

The entertainment-related content for mobile phone is projected to become one of the fastest growing sectors in the IT industry. It is accessible to anyone anywhere and anytime and become tightly integrated into the modern lifestyle. Imagimax provides a wide range of Mobile Content creative production, which covers SMS, MMS, Wallpaper, Screen Saver, JAVA Game and Game Online. Besides creating a fun and easy to understand game and content, it’s our challenge to combine our specialization of creative design with the fact that you have a much smaller screen to play with. Our competence has been proved by the output we created from both work-for-hire and our own mobile content website, www.i-pixcell.com

At Imagimax, we also produced and managed many special projects. Among these are included the management of ICT 4D Learning Theatre at National ICT Learning Center, the organizer of the Opening Ceremony of Bangkok Film Market 2005, the organizer of the auction for Financial Restructuring Authority (FRA).

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