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Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Siam Offset Company Limited provides high quality printings for both soft-cover and hard-cover magazines, as well as newspaper, brochures, company profiles, calendars, diaries, poster, packages and innovative printed products.

In addition to high quality printed products, Siam Offset is also a Product Development Company specializes in the “high technology” printings such as:

» The electronic Book or the eBook, that makes reading and learning fun for everyone
» Thermal Ink
» Aromatic Ink
» Game Book with CD Rom software

Utilizing the electronic, thermal or the aromatic books’ publications, readers take a more active role in reading and learning. These publications encourage readers to dynamically interact with their reading experiences through sound, smell and personal contact. Customers are able to go right into their favorite pages without going through and spending time on the other redundant information to them.